The clubs in District 6920 do an amazing amount of work to help better the lives of those in need, both locally and across the globe. Each year district awards are presented to recognize our clubs who have had an outstanding performance throughout the year. The district awards criteria are set up in alignment with each Rotary International President’s annual theme and citation, and our District 6920 Governor’s annual goals. There is also a separate Presidential citation that is run by Rotary International. Clubs qualify for it by entering their goals and achievements into Rotary Club Central.

Points are accrued according to certain tasks being completed, such as; taking advantage of the districts matching grant program, partnering with other clubs on projects, promoting your club through traditional and social media and holding online meetingshaving virtual membership drives and Rotary informational programs, and engaging your members and inviting guests to learn about Rotary and what we do.

There are three levels of achievement in each category:

  • bronze (60 points)
  • silver (70 points)
  • gold (80 points)

Awards recipients will receive a patch and banner reflecting the award category and level of recognition achieved.

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Below are links to various District Award Documents

District Contacts

Joy Hurst

Displaying your district award is a great way to promote your club’s successes for better recognition in your community, and to show gratitude to your members for all of their hard work. Attach it to your flag, take a photo and post it on social media or your website. Let your community know how great your club is! Who is
not attracted to join and participate in an organization that shows a proven track record of successes?

The district awards form is also a great tool to use when planning your Rotary year. It is basically a list of many things your club is probably already doing, and a few new ideas you may want to try.  You can use the form as a guide to help your club complete more of the criteria and earn a higher level of recognition.