Dear PDG Ed, Immediate past president Shanda, and president of Augusta Rotary Club,

Thanks to Augusta Rotary Club’s generous support to defray the cost of shipping a container load of classroom furniture from Claxton to a Catholic School in the village of Verrettes, Haiti. In addition to funds raised by the Claxton Rotary Club, funds donated by PDG Gary Smith and PDG John Neely will be used to pay for shipping expenses from Claxton to Port Lafito in Haiti. The Verrettes School will pay for costs associated with receiving and moving the classroom furniture from Port Lafito to Verrettes school. Rotary Club of Claxton donation signage will be posted in the classroom.

Claxton Rotarians are planning to ship a second container load of classroom furniture from the Claxton Rotary Club to the Verrettes school in Haiti and/or another school in Puerto Rico later in the year. The classroom furniture project in Haiti is an excellent example of D6920 Clubs working together to expand their impact from a local to a global level.

My deep appreciation and personal gratitude to Rotarian Marty Waters (Evans County Charter Schools System, Rotarians Alfie Cofield, and Terry McCorkle of Claxton Rotary Club for imagining and implementing the project.

In Rotary Service,

Hamsa Thota
District Governor 2017-18
DRFC 2022-23
District 6920