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Welcome to Rotary eClub One
- do make-ups here.


eClub One is a real Rotary Club made up of real Rotarians. It meets on-line to coordinate service projects and enjoy fellowship with like-minded Rotarians.


Rotarians visiting eClub One for makeup credit should follow this link Makeup Programs to access exceptional programs. Detailed information regarding the steps you’ll need to follow can be found by using the Makeup Programs pull down menu and accessing How to Make Up or by following this link How to Make Up. A make-up requires a 30 minute visit.


Worldwide Membership - Worldwide Service

Members in Rotary eClub One are located in countries from around the world. Members and Visitors contribute thousands of dollars per year toward projects both in localities where members reside, and in other countries where help is needed.

Weekly Meetings

Rotary eClub One members have regular fellowship through weekly meetings and other postings in the Members Only Fellowship Forums. As in any Rotary club, they discuss club business, present ideas, share interests, and talk about issues that are important to the club and its members.

Program Comments

"Being able to make up meetings on the eclub has helped me to keep perfect attendance for over 46 years. I recently had open-heart surgery and have been able to make up meetings on the eclub. Thanks - Robert"

"I am sure that the majority of Rotarians are unaware of the scope of  Rotary eClub One's programs. I learn more about Rotary in an hour or two at this site than I do in 12 months at Rotary meetings."

About his voluntary contribution Rotarian Bob wrote, "If I had to drive 30 miles either way to make up and paid for a meal, you have 'the best deal in town'."

Rotary eClub One is happy to play a part in helping to keep a Rotarian connected, informed and inspired. Enjoy your visit and come again soon