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In accordance with the Bylaws of Rotary International this serves as Official Confirmation that Dr. Felix Smith, a member of the Rotary Club of Perry will serve as District 6920 Governor for the 2023-24 Rotary year. 
Please join the College of Governors in congratulating DGN Felix and thank him for his commitment to serving our Clubs...our District and Rotary International.               ________________________________________

Each month  Rotarian Marjorie Young (Dist. Comm. Chair) will lead a live discussion of things happening around our District  and the world  in Rotary with Gov. Ed and other special guests from around our District.
September 3rd  -  Click HERE to watch a Video Recording of the  Conversation with Gov. Ed

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Upcoming District 6920 Events

  October 1

Valdosta Rotary Corporate Charity Challenge

  February 5 Assistant Governor and Leadership Training - Macon, GA
  February 25-27 President Elect Training (PETS) - Atlanta Renaissance Concourse Hotel 
  April 29 - May 1 District Conference - Augusta, GA
  June 18 District Assembly
  April 27-30 District Conference - Callaway Resort & Gardens


First, let me take a moment to introduce myself. I'm Ed Presnell, and I am TRULY honored to serve as your Governor this year.
I'm a Proud Rotarian and a member of the Augusta Club - (and yes, I love golf...and football. Oh yeah. I love football.)
Like you, I am amazed by the year or so we've all endured! From no meetings, to ZOOM Virtual Meetings, to Hybrid Meetings - and everything in between - together - we've proven ROTARIANS DON'T GIVE UP!
Still - I know its been hard to keep going, projects have temporarily 'stalled', fundraising proved daunting, future plans can't be made easily!
So, I just want to say THANK YOU to everyone for believing in Rotary Fellowship and all we do in our communities and around the Globe as we SERVE TO CHANGE LIVES.
Over the coming months I'll be on the road visiting every club in our District. That's over 60 Club visits! Remember, our District is large, so for MANY of you and its a very big deal to me to visit your Club.
o - when you get word that your club Program for the week is 'The District Governor's Visit' ,- I
hope you'll make a special effort to attend. Let's make it a point to introduce ourselves to one another.
When I say 'I want to meet every Rotarian in our District" - - I REALLY MEAN IT!
The Governor's visit has several purposes, Governors meet with the board and officers of each club to be sure they have everything they need for a successful year. The Governor also can use that time to focus on just one club - in order to help them with anything and any way possible.
Most importantly, the Governor uses the program time to share with the club things going on around the District and hopefully encourage every single Rotarian to be involved not only in their own Club, but also in the District: Bringing Clubs and Rotarians closer together. We're actually all part of a District Family of almost 3000 Rotarians! That's a lot of energy, fellowship and FUN potential!


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Edwin Presnell

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Dr. Felix Smith

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 Bruce Montgomery

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